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You'll be hopping mad if you miss these!

A quick update from Cygnini HQ to you from me :)

On 20 & 21 March, we are holding our Easter bundle workshops!

Easter bundle? Well, we couldn't decide between two crafts, so we thought you'd like to do them both! Not only that, but these crafts are suitable for children, adults or families :)

One ticket admits anyone who is sharing a laptop, so no need to buy indidviual tickets (don't forget any un-used discount codes you have tucked in old emails!). The cost of the event is £20 and includes the two kits.

What are we making? We have some cute little felt treat bags, shaped like carrots for you to make, and also some bunny bunting, complete with bunny stencil and fluffy tails!

You will need some resources, so check the ticket details. The main one is paint for the bunting as we can't post it to you - I use emulsion, which works perfectly and those little tester tubes are great, especially if they have a sponge top. But any thicker paint will do, as you need to paint onto sacking fabric.

It will be a longer session and we have allowed at least 2 hours to support you through both crafts. This is a lovely family activity for a quiet Sunday afternoon - there, did I tempt you?! ;)

If you haven't been to a workshop before and are interested, check out our Facebook page and reviews from previous attendees to see what others thought. It would be lovely to meet you and everyone is welcome to the Cygnini family :)


And to top off March, we are also running a fantastic Easter Crafternoon for the charity Three Little Birds on 28 March. It is a donation only event, so 100% goes to help with their amazing work. Find out more about them here.

Please consider joining us - the more the merrier! Any money raised helps, so don't feel you need to donate loads. Every penny counts! We are making 3D paper and card eggs, fabric sack bunnies and a pop up card, so you will definitely be "in the zone" for a couple of hours :) What a great way to spend (another) Sunday afternoon. You'll be asking me to do relaxing, time out Sunday afternoons all the time soon, lol!

It would be great to see you at either event to make some fab Easter decorations - these will be even more important this year, while we await being released! Create some cheer in your home this Spring.


So, that's my little update for now. There is plenty more in the pipeline, but I hope I'll see you this month too!

Take care for now and keep staying safe - hope is on the horizon and rising slowly!

Deb x

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