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What on earth is CREATIVITY?!


It’s a word that’s used a lot these days and quite rightly, because we all have it and use it in different ways. But what we also struggle with is actually thinking that we are creative.

Creative people are artists, craftspeople, dancers and actors. That’s not me, you might be saying.

Let’s frame creativity differently.

Let’s look at it as something that builds within us when we start to look at things differently; when we think out-of-the-box; when we solve a problem. Are you creative now?

I am a teacher. I also love and teach art and craft. I am a mother who taught her children to become adults. Along the way, I have adapted to different situations, found ways round things that don’t go to plan and also learnt a lot! Being creative is something I was born with, but also something that I enjoyed as a child and fought to keep.

We are all creative at birth.

How else would we learn to move and talk? Our brains grow and expand with the mistakes we make and the problems we tackle each day to change from babies to children. As children we explore the world around us to make sense of it and are actively encouraged to do so! We go to school and it continues right up to the point that formal education decides it’s more important.

For some children, just doing the formal is enough, creativity is set aside as we plough through the test papers and set tasks to a given formula. For others, who are encouraged, they continue to fit in as much creativity as they can! It might be something they have to do outside school, but they enjoy the challenge and want to learn. They have people around them who cheer them on!

Where do you sit on this spectrum of creativity? Were you child number 1 or 2?

But even if you were 1, I bet there is a creative parent in you! Let’s delve a bit deeper on that next week.

For now, think about you as a child. Did you get the opportunity to be creative? Do you feel that you haven’t got an ounce of creativity in you, that you don’t believe anyone gave you the opportunity to try to be? In fact, would you like to feel that you are?!

I can tell you, you do have it in you. I believe it doesn’t go away, it just lies dormant. If you think of the times as an adult where you have had to solve a problem quickly and thought of something that no-one else did, then you have been creative! If you make things up, like throwing together different ingredients and making a meal when it looked like you had nothing to eat, that’s creative! Had to find the easiest possible way to get your kid’s homework done with them, when homework is always a fight, but you ended up having fun, then that’s creative!

There are many situations where creativity pops up it’s head, but doesn’t shout “Here I am!!”, so we often don’t think we have the “elusive” creative mind. I’m telling you, you do!

And next week, I’ll show you how you really are a creative parent!

Debbie x

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