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What a LOVE-ly Month for going Pom-Pom Crazy!

photo credit: Nicola Fioravanti on Unsplash

Happy February everyone! 💗

Just a quick post this week and a crafty video for you. If you are working your way through the 28 Not-So--Random Acts of Creativity Calendar, this one is a bit of inspiration for you!

Not got your calendar?! Download it here>>>

For those of you who have got your calendar, this pom-pom making video should be the start to lots of projects and will help you tick a creative activity off! 🙌

And when you've made a few, what else can you make with pom-poms? How about getting creative and try making some of these...

  • a heart wreath (stitch them together around a heart template - like making a wreath)

  • animals (give them funny characters!)

  • garlands (leave some wool to hang them and then tie them to a piece of twine or ribbon)

  • rainbows (make rainbow coloured pom-poms and then stick them to a card rainbow template

Ok, the list could go on. What will you make? Share your ideas or photos with us and inspire others too!

Have a crafty month and see you next week!

Debbie x

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