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Spark Your Imagination: An Easy Way to Kickstart Your New Year's Resolutions

Happy New Year!

I hope you had a fabulous Christmas, but also kept yourself sane! 🩵

This time of year, when the days are sometimes as dark as the nights, it can be hard to find the enthusiasm for much extra, can’t it?! I admit I find it hard from when the clocks go back in October. To get through the festive season meant making some hard choices – switching off from being online 24/7 was one of them! We need to find things that work for us, don’t we?

And now that Christmas is done and the days start to get longer, there are still the dank months of January and February to get through, so...

this is a perfect time to grab those new year resolutions by the horns and get started!

If you did make one, two or many, I bet you made a resolution to do or try something (probably something creative as you’re reading this blog!) – start sewing, swim wild, throw a pot… What better time to do it than when the sunshine isn’t out and all we want to do is hibernate a bit longer! (well, maybe not the wild swim, but then again if you’re going to do it… good luck!)

Finding a group to join makes it more sociable, but you can also start with online courses or even just a video tutorial alone or with a friend. I have made tutorials for a couple of years now. Most are in The Create Crew and, so I thought, are targeted at children. Not so!

Recently, Vanessa won a free month in a local raffle for a children’s well-being charity and had a great time learning new skills as well as sharing some with her grand-daughter! Check out her fabulous gonk family! 👇

Vanessa's Christmas Gonks!!

Sometimes, if you are cautious about starting something, using a child-friendly video can be really useful because of the step-by-step nature of teaching children (especially online!). It makes it easier to follow than the quick videos or deciphering written instructions. Having taught children for over two decades now (saying that quickly! 😉), I find it easy to break down instructions and I know I definitely do that in my adult classes too! I’ll just add that I don’t treat the adults like children, it’s the steps that are similar.

So, what are you planning to try this year? Please do tell! I read recently that sharing your wishes/dreams/resolutions makes them more real and it gives you some accountability, so sharing with me means you might actually have a year when your wishes will come true! 🥳

I really hope they do!

Debbie x

Find video tutorials to try here

For more information about The Create Crew, head here and take advantage of our 7-days free January offer! Sign up on a monthly plan using the code JAN247* and get a discount equivalent to your first 7 days free!

*7 day offer usually only available on a yearly plan. Offer ends 31/01/2024, 11:59pm.

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