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Exciting news! You're invited to join my *brand new* workshop for Grandparents - "Nurturing Creativity in Grandchildren".
Don't miss out on this amazing opportunity!
CLICK HERE to sign up and unleash your grandchild's creativity!

create crew (1).png

Our online children's club is a great way to keep the creative sparks flying!

(and the parent/child sparks well and truly tamed! ;)

Aimed at independently creative children aged 7+


or younger children with adult support,


The Create Crew has loads of fun,

(but educational - shhh! don't tell the kids!) 

creative workshops ready to explore at the touch of a button!

From felt to paper, from clay to fabric; sewing and art classes; themed challenges and much more, you won't need to search for something to do to keep the kids busy!

Better still, I lead the Crew workshops just as I would lead a live workshop (and there will be some of those too, just for members!) so they can easily follow me through the making process. Workshops vary from 10 mins to an hour, so take your pick!

(Who doesn't like to hand their child over for an hour or so where getting creative is concerned?!)

(sorry, it'll be your turn soon! I promise!)

Hi, I'm Debbie, a highly experienced teacher and creative, with a passion for sharing!

(Oops! That's not me! I really don't do hats that well!)

Ah, that's better... this is me, doing my thing! Filming or running live workshops for kids who love to get creative!


Well, I've always believed that kids learn best through being creative, whether that's painting, making, acting, dancing... so many things can be taught creatively - and they stick! 

(no, not the kids! The FACTS!)

So, when I had enough of losing my ability to follow my heart and being told what to do by policymakers instead, I decided it was time to do my own thing... and here it is!

Create Crew is my way of helping kids get their fix of creativity (without depending on their parents to try and help!)

sorry Mum and Dad, but we know you're trying your best!)

Come on a quick tour with me (I'll try my best not to waffle like a teacher...!),
as we delve into the membership and see what it's like...
And here's all the details...
nothing hidden, no additional costs, just great creative activities for less than a week's worth of your favourite Latte Macchiato!
CC pricing Wix.png

and become the BEST.PARENT.EVER!

(isn't that what they say?!)

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