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“Play like an adult?!”

“Play like an adult?!”

Do we really give ourselves time to play around with stuff, whether with art, craft or even making things out of boxes? Why shouldn’t we? It’s great for our creative brain!

In my art courses, I openly encourage “playing and exploring” with the art materials. It’s so important to be comfortable knowing what you can achieved with a particular material, otherwise how can we create what we are trying to create? How will we know what the materials produce and how we hold them and use them?

My attendees absolutely love the freedom this gives them and the feeling of “being a child again”.

We very rarely have to encourage children to “play” with art. They naturally try anything they can get their hands on. They don’t feel embarrassed to mixed media or make a mistake.

I’ve found adults are a different ball-game and as I have often written, we definitely grow out of childhood ways with our creativity. For the few who keep that childhood spark alive, they create in their own special way and have no qualms about making mistakes until it is right.

For most of us, this becomes our sticking point. We get embarrassed if we get things “wrong”, despite the fact we are trying something.

So, if you really want to get creative, try playing! If you label it “play”, you feel less like the end result should be perfect and you will enjoy the process more. If you have children, create things with them, but don’t let them expect you to lead the way – in fact, turn it around and let them guide you! Suddenly being creative takes on a whole new meaning and once we relaxing into an understanding that mistakes are there to be made and the end result doesn’t matter, we will begin to build the skills that allow us to grow our creativity, and yes, you will be able to produce something that matches the image in your mind!

Join me at Garage Coffee in Canterbury on a Friday or Sunday for some relaxed “playing with” art. Learn the basics of a theme, but also learn how to use the materials – what they do; how to get different textures and shades; what works best for different styles…

All my art courses are for beginners wanting to have a go or dip their toes back in after a while away from the paper and paint. It’s a great way to find out if art is for you, or better still, as some sessions have shown, discover a hidden talent!

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