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Love is in the air 💖

February is the month of love and we are excited to bring you a fab little make that will make an impact wherever it hangs 😊

This felt heart wall hanging is the perfect quick make for a quiet afternoon and will definitely be a talking point once it's up and hanging!

To make this, you will need:

- A colourful selection of felt

- Some cotton in contrasting or matching colours

- White cotton

- A needle

- A stick (you have the option to keep it natural or to paint it first)

- Some twine or ribbon

- Some cotton wool or filling.

Start by drawing or printing out a heart template. If drawing, draw half, fold and cut out - this way it will be symmetrical.

Use the template to cut a selection of hearts. You will need two cut hearts for each sewn heart. You can decide how many hearts you'd like on your hanging, depending on the size of your stick or where you will place the final hanging.

Using a tiny running stitch, sew the pieces together. I started at the point and worked round the heart until the top of the second half. Here, I stopped to fill the heart with cotton wool, before stitching the rest of the heart together.

Sew all the hearts in the same way. I used contrasting cotton for mine, e.g. blue cotton on red hearts, orange cotton on pink, but it's up to you!

Once your hearts are all sewn, it's time to place them where you would like them to hang. Here you will see I had tied some ribbon to my stick. Unfortunately, it was a bit wide for the nail I wanted to hang it from, so I changed to twine. You can play around with different hanging cord to suit your room. I do quite like the natural twine with the natural stick though.

Lay your hearts in the order you want them and begin to stitch them together. Make a tiny double stitch at the top of your bottom heart, then attach it to the next heart up at the point. Insert the thread back to front, then take the thread to the back again with a tiny stitch, before making a double stitch to secure it, just through the back layer. Keep them small and they won't show!

Continue attaching the hearts to each other. The top heart just needs the cotton attached to it, then tie the cotton round your stick to secure. Trim any cotton ends once you are happy everything is in the right place!

And there you have it! A pretty, colourful hanging to bring a smile to your face through the year! Hang it with pride 😊

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