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A tasty treat for the birds this week!

Image of red-breasted robin perched on a branch in the snow.
Photo credit: Simon on Unsplash

My mum has this really cheeky young robin in her garden and we were watching it feeding the other day (my mum always makes sure to look after the birds in her garden!). I just love seeing robins during the winter months - they really are a symbol of this cold season, aren't they? Have you seen any this year?

And as we know, winter for birds can be hard, so in this week's post we have a video workshop for you that will be the perfect treat for our feathered friends! 🐦

I added this to our 28 Not-So-Random Acts of Creativity calendar (not got yours yet?! Download it here!) because it was a perfect chance to get creative AND do something kind for the birds out there in the freezing cold.

So here is our Bird Fat Treats video. Enjoy and don't forget to share your creations with us and share this email with your friends and family so we can all feed the birds this winter!

Stay Creative! 🙂

Debbie x

P.S. I chose this activity for the calendar because I could make quite a few bird treats for not much money. I bought a cheap block of lard and a bag of bird food cost me very little too. It's a much cheaper and fun way to make these rather than buying ready made balls. Try it and see!

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