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2021 Vision

Ok, I admit it's taken a while to fine tune my vision for this business of mine and yes, I know it's important to know what type of business you want to run, how you want to run it and the ethos behind it, but when I started, it was such a whirlwind that I just went with the flow!

Now that I have found my rhythm and I'm thinking ahead (because I have something to plan for!), I have had time to really focus. So what is my vision?


Cygnini as started from my love of all things "arty/crafty" and I want to share that with as many people as possible - I guess some would call it a mission, but for me it's just about spreading the joy!

I see Cygnini as a community - a space where adults and children come to learn, to enjoy, to try something new. I want everyone to feel relaxed and comfortable to make mistakes, ask for help and, most importantly, laugh when things go wrong!

During our last online adult workshop, my mum attended and was all fingers and thumbs with the fairly fiddly project. She laughed, we laughed with her (you couldnt help it, it was infectious!) And you know what? The thing that people commented on was how enjoyable it was because of mum laughing about getting in a pickle! Never be embarrassed to try something and find the funny side of your mistakes.

Often we feel that we can't do something purely because we know it won't look the way "it should", but as I always tell the children I teach: mistakes make us better, problems can be solved and everything you create will be different because of the "you" that's in it - let's face it, if I asked 30 children to write a story based on one theme, each one would be different!

I know online workshops aren't the same - they can't be. But we try really hard to make it as personal, supportive and enjoyable as it can possibly be. Every workshop is different. Some chatty, some quiet, but always open and so far, no-one has been too shy or uncomfortable to ask for help :)


What I'd like to know is how you feel about crafting or being creative? Is it something you enjoy, something you'd like to enjoy or something you haven't a clue about?

I know some of you have joined because of your children attending our workshops. Do you share their creativity, or does it leave you cold? I'd be really interested to see how many of you see creative activities as a treat or not... join the conversation.

Our message to you all is that we are serious about having fun whilst learning creatively. However young or old, however experienced or novice, we are sharing our knowledge and ideas with anyone who will listen and wants to get involved! If that's you, then thanks for being here and I hope that if we haven't already, we will meet one day!

Until then, take care and stay safe

Deb x

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