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10 free creative ideas to do this summer!

As parents we often see learning as something "done" in school and then the holidays are for rest and relaxation. I am not here to tell you that summer isn't for rest, but you can build learning opportunities into the every day through the summer so your child continues to learn without thinking about it - it's easy and it's FREE!

This year I have created a quick guide that you can print off and stick to the fridge for those moments when you want some creative learning ideas. Some come with free video links (so save it to your laptop too!) and I will walk your child step-by-step through the making process - perfect for those quiet moments when you can sit back and have a coffee ☕ while you and your child(ren) make along with me!

So, download your guide and get ready to be creative this summer - learning can really be this easy!

Don't forget to share your summer fun with me in our private FB group and join our creative community!

Have fun and remember to stay creative! 😃

Debbie x

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