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The need for creativity

I’ve had a really interesting week…

I love going to conferences for school, mainly because I gain so much knowledge about the theme of the day, but also, because of my passion for creativity and the road that’s leading me down, I often walk away with thoughts and ideas to boost that side of my life too!

This week, however, it was different. Not because I didn’t learn anything – I did, loads! For school – but because one part of the conference highlighted the thing that I am so passionate about – learning creatively!

Years ago, I spent a long time with the teachers at my then school putting together a “Creative Curriculum”. We sat and linked up learning for all the subjects as much as we could and blended it in new and exciting ways. It was such a motivating experience! It showed that subjects didn’t need to be taught discreetly and that you could get really creative with topics that might be bland if they stood alone. Mixed into that was real-life learning – putting things into context.

I sometimes worry about the lack of creativity... some subjects, even in really good schools like the one I work in now. Use of schemes, especially ready-made slides and worksheets, to deliver the curriculum have come into their own, especially since lockdown, and I completely understand the time-saving benefits for teachers, but it can be at the expense of creative ways to learn. Ways to learn together, role play, getting mucky… all the stuff we encourage at an early age disappears very quickly by the age of 7.

That’s why it is so important...

...for parents, grandparents and carers to keep the creative sparks alive as much as they can and look for or learn ways to be creative whilst secretly learning 🤫 It’s these moments, when children are having fun, that are so good for building creative brains!

During June 2024, I am running a workshop for grandparents called “Nurturing Creativity in Grandparents”. In it I discuss ways to bring creativity into everyday activities, as well as explaining how creativity is good for child development. Although focused on Grandparents, it is also suitable for parents and carers, so take a look – you never know, it could be as inspiring for you as the conference was for me!



See you again soon!

Debbie x

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