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The child within

two children digging on a sandy beach with a cow resting on the sand nearby. The sea is in the background.
Photo credit: Annie Spratt on Unsplash

I was walking my dog on the beach this week when I came across a pile of pebbles on top of a groyne post. Atop the pebbles was an oyster shell and, as you can see, a stick stuck out from a hole in the shell, proudly like a flagpole. It was art. In fact if you saw my social posts that day, you would have seen me write “I came across someone’s art today…”.

A photo of a pile of pebbles with an oyster shell on top. In a hole in the middle of the oyster, a stick has been stuck in to look like a flagpole.

It got me to thinking how being creative doesn’t need to be planned. It doesn’t need to be “set up” or have loads of resources. Creativity can be impromptu; without thought; just sitting on a beach, making a pile of pebbles and leaving them for someone to find, like me!

It’s not hard to be creative.

I talk about this a lot, but that’s because I am so passionate about sharing the message and giving people confidence to be as creative as they want. If you are out and about with children, you may find yourself making daisy chains, or building sandcastles – I bet your creative self comes alive then! Perhaps we need to find the child within for those most creative of moments. Times when we forget what’s going on around us and not care what other people think – just do and leave.

woman sitting on beach under a tree looking out to sea
photo credit: Joshua Newton on Unsplash

I imagine that the artist on the beach was having a quiet moment of reflection and having quiet moments in nature (particularly at pebbly beach!), might mean that your fingers start to fiddle with things around you. I know I can’t sit on any beach without playing with stones, shells or sand! How about you? Maybe next time you get to sit on a beach or in a park, take note of what your hands do. Will the child within start to appear?

I’d love to hear your stories!

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See you soon!

Debbie x

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