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I’ve tweaked the mantra of many an Early Years educator, but this week it’s time to make this


How often (if at all) do you plan creative time for your child? Is it something you only do in the holidays to keep boredom at bay or do you try to have time each week?

If you have been following the blog, downloaded the idea sheets I’ve produced for you, or even joined a challenge, then you may have started to make creative time an important part of your family’s life.

Photo credit: Jimmy Dean on Unsplash

If the blog is new to you, then do take some time to look back at some of the posts that will help with ideas. I can recommend...

Planning each week or month to provide one, two or twenty small creative activities will make sure that this important part of your child’s development isn’t forgotten. Remember, although schools try to be creative as much as possible, the restrictions of a government-led curriculum and the challenges of other aspects of the classroom mean that creativity can get pushed aside a little.

Building creativity into your weeks or months, can just ensure your child doesn’t lose out on those creative aspects.

Which is why I have created a Creativity Planner bundle for you!

The Planner Bundle is a FREE download and gives you, not only a blank starting point, but also a filled-in example version (which you could use to get yourself started!). You also have the option of a weekly or monthly planner.

It’s a great way to get started on your creative journey (if you haven’t already) and to put it at the fore-front of your mind so your child doesn’t miss out!

Once you have your download, grab yourself a cuppa and a pen and get planning. And remember, it doesn't matter what the activity is, just start! You'll be surprised how quickly this will build up and become part of your normal (creative) life!

Have fun 😀

Debbie x

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