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If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will understand how important creativity is in the development of ourselves and our children. For those of you new to this blog, this post is a reminder of the “why” behind what I do and the reason I am so passionate about it!

So, creativity…

I know that many of you reading this will be creative. You didn’t find “Cygnini CRAFTS” because you didn’t like crafting, did you?! I also know that you may have been directed my way and stumbled upon a site where creativity is explained and celebrated for more than just crafting.

Creativity is, and remains, the mainstay behind my background as an educator. I believe that children learn through creative thought and are better at thinking outside the box if they are able to problem-solve and have the confidence to try and try again when things go wrong.

Photo credit: Kelly Sikkema on Unsplash

It’s the same with adults. I’ve been working with adults in recent weeks, doing in-person workshops. I have seen them come along, unsure that they could achieve and seen them beaming with pride when they finally got it – they worked out what to do and cracked it! I can honestly say that I have seen more adults worry about doing something than I have children and I think that’s because we are more conscious of our limitations (well, the limitations we, or others, have put on ourselves!). Children don’t have this at an early age, but they develop it if they aren’t allowed the freedom to explore and make mistakes.

Think back to when you last enjoyed a creative hobby… can you remember? When did you last pick up a pencil or paintbrush? Did you ever sew or did your nan teach you to knit? Did you enjoy experimenting with food, but life just got too busy to carry on? So many things can get in the way, or worse still, you can be “put off” something by a passing comment or disappointment in the final result.

This is when creativity takes a back seat and probably stays there or slowly hides in the shadows behind all the “more important” stuff that you place in front of it.


…what if you unleashed it?

What if you began to explore your creative potential again?

What if you took yourself back to being a child again and refused to believe you couldn’t do something?!

How much more would you do? What other things would you try? Even if you are a regular crafter, do you stick to the same things? The things that are comfortable?

What I am asking this week is that you have a go at pushing your boundaries, whether that’s as a crafter, or as a parent looking to support your child. It doesn’t have to be a big project, just explore. Grab some a bundle of different resources and see what happens. If you are a parent, do it with your child. What will happen in that magical bonding time?

Don’t look for perfection.

Don’t look for a finished product.

Just have fun exploring and being curious about what things do.

I’d love to hear about your experiences, so if you are reading this and go off to try, please let me know what happens and how you feel both before and after! This could be the start of a beautiful journey or a re-igniting of your inner creativity 💗

Whatever happens, enjoy it!

Debbie x

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