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Learning facts: Chinese New Year

Photo credit: Henry & Co on Unsplash

Hey there! Did you know Chinese New Year starts this Sunday (22nd Jan)?

Yep, the year of the Rabbit is almost upon us and this week I am here with some facts to encourage some learning about this cultural event and tips to get you a bit crafty too! (yep, you know me! 馃槈)

So, what is this all about?

Here are some facts you can share with your kids:

路 Chinese New Year is sometimes called the Lunar New Year because it begins with the New Moon that appears sometime between Jan 21st and Feb 20th.

路 The festival lasts until the next Full Moon.

路 One legend about New Year is about a monster called Nian (鈥測ear鈥 in Chinese). He would terrorise villages at the start of the year, but they discovered that he was afraid of bright lights, loud noises and the colour red 鈥 these are all symbolized in the fireworks, celebrations we see!

路 The New Year is a time to look forward and bring good luck and good fortune to everyone.

路 Children are given money from their family in red envelopes to bring them good fortune.

路 The last event to take place is the Lantern Festival. Lanterns are hung in temples or parades are held at night, with people carrying lanterns to light the way.

路 Many parades are joined by the infamous Chinese Dragon 鈥 a symbol of good fortune. The dragon dances through the streets being held by numerous dancers beneath his body and head.

Why is there an animal for each year?

I had to look this up because it was something I have always wondered but never investigated! This site has a great description for kids of the story behind the animals and the race that determined the order of the years:

Getting in the spirit creatively and to start the New Year with some fun, this weekend (22 Jan 2023) we are making Chinese Dragons 鈥 the perfect way to engage in a creative, fun task, whilst finding out more about the day and beginning to stimulate their curiosity 馃

You can join us here:

Only one ticket per screen, so why not invite a friend and get creative together?! Add some Chinese snacks and some red streamers or lanterns (or make your own!) and we can join all Chinese who are celebrating!

See you there!

Happy New Year!!

Debbie x

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