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Jubilee Madness!

So this week I have been throwing myself into all sorts of Jubilee projects! Some for me, some for others and all of them fun, fun, FUN!

If you haven't seen the events page or the shop yet on your travels around the website, then check them out for kits and workshops!

I have also been honoured to have done a workshop for the volunteers at the Horsebridge Community Arts Centre in Whitstable, Kent, where we made papier mache teacups and saucers for a Jubilee tea party installation. I haven't done many adult workshops, but they were all so amazing and generous (oh! and did an amazing job too, don't you think?!)

They will be painting them in their next session.

Have you ever done Papier Mache? If you want to give it a go, then make your glue with half PVA to water. Use cling film to cover the mould so it comes off easily and then tear small 2" strips of paper. Use enough glue - the wetter the paper, the more pliable it will be (obviously, not so wet it drips everywhere though! 😅).

To make a handle, tear a long wide strip from a newspaper page, roll it up into a small tube and then either twist it or flatten it. You can see above that they have used newspaper to fasten it to the cup, but underneath they have made a 'loop' first by joining the ends with masking tape. Hope that makes sense! Comment below if you need more specific help :)


I'm also off out to a local care home in a couple of weeks to make bunting with the residents along with the manager of the Horsebridge, so I'll let you know how that goes! I have chosen to create Platinum coloured bunting for them, so Thistle (purple), Silver and Royal Blue. Excited for the results!

Right Royal colours!


Well, if Jubilee fever hasn't reached you yet, I hope this short post has fired up some creative thoughts about what you might do to get crafty this May/June and celebrate what is undoubtably to be the most amazing achievement - the first British Monarch to have reigned this long 👑 As a woman, I can only sit back and admire Queen Elizabeth for all that she has achieved, and whether you love or loath the Monarchy, you can't deny her commitment, resilience and courage through the years.

See you soon!

Debbie x

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