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I’m imPRESSed!

Updated: May 20, 2023

Last week I talked briefly about pressing daisies or other flowers. It got me to thinking about a forgotten make do “press” in my craft room, under a stack of books I’d been ignoring for AGES!! So, I got them out and I found a rather tired looking pair of roses and some gypsophila (!) I realised I had pressed the buttonhole from my son’s wedding last June – nearly a year ago!!! I think they’re salvageable, just…

But then, pressing is so easy! Often we think we need a special flower press.


All I use, as I said last time, is some kitchen paper, some cardboard, an elastic band and some heavy books! And although it is a waiting game, once the flowers are pressed, they can be used for lots of things!

So, I decided it was time for some fresh flowers and a note in the diary! One week should be plenty, depending on the flower – I’m going all in with daisies (and maybe a few buttercups) as they make me smile, but often just get mown down and forgotten! I rescued some a couple of weeks ago and then got to creating…

Here are a few ideas that you could try:

· Bookmark

· Greetings card

· Flower lanterns

Bookmarks and cards

These can be decorated with the flowers in any way your child chooses. As I said last time, bookmarks are better laminated to protect them and keep them looking good for years to come. Cards can be gifted as they are so the recipient could choose to frame them. Drawing a picture on the card first and adding the flowers gives it a special touch too.

Flower lanterns

Take an old jar, some PVA glue and your pressed flowers. Paint the sides of the jar with PVA, avoiding drips and making sure the base doesn’t get glue on it. Lay your flowers on the glue, around the jar and leave to dry fully. Then gently paint PVA glue over the sides and flowers to seal and keep them looking good. Dry again fully before popping in a tealight and using!

And here’s some things I’m going to try that I’ve seen online… I’ll update this post once I’ve tried them!


Hanging suncatchers can be so pretty! Use clear sticky or contact paper and after choosing your size and shape, stick your flowers to the sticky side. Carefully cover with another piece, pushing out the air bubbles as you go. Make two frames using card or an old cereal box (decorate as you like!) and stick your clear window between the card frames to make your suncatcher. Hole punch a hole for ribbon or string to hang.

Window clings

I have seen these made sustainably – check out @northwoodsfolk on Insta – with gelatin mixed with boiling water instead of glue. Mix 29g of powdered gelatin with 240g boiling water. I'd love to have a go!

Hanging decorations

Cut circles (or different shapes) from a batch of salt dough. Lay on baking paper and gently press the flowers onto/into the dough being careful not to break them. Use a pencil to make a hanging hole. Leave to dry and seal with PVA, both front and back before hanging with ribbon or string.

Get inspiration from my Instagram grid @grow_a_creative_child as I played around with these ideas using my pressed daisies!

Debbie x

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