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Yep, we’ve all been there. The homework comes home, or the home-learning takes a turn and you feel like you need to do as much learning as your child!

And then there’s the times when trying to get your child to learn something after a full day at school seems just INCREDIBLY hard! You can’t blame them for not wanting to do more – it’s like you finishing work, then being given more to do at home…

“But it’s just what happens!” I hear you cry. And yes, it is what happens. It doesn’t mean it’s right!

If you’ve been reading my blog for a while, you will know I am a long-standing educator. I have been at the coal face and in a leadership role. Now, although I am still working in school, I have a different view. I see a system that doesn’t fit some children. I see expectations increasing, but only because the government want the outcomes to be in with a chance to have the “best” education system in the world.

I won’t get on my soap box today, you’ve probably guessed I believe in a complete rehaul, but we need to look at learning with new eyes, especially at home.

In the primary years (ages 5-11) it is part of their development, but even as they grow older, we need to let kids have some fun! But if that fun could also incorporate some learning, then it’s a win for everyone. Learning does not = sitting at a table with pen and paper. Most children learn better being active. Engaging in something that will teach them something as they go. Having a game.

I regularly use games to teach Maths – bingo, card games, flashcard hunts… It’s engaging and makes more connections because it’s enjoyable. It becomes memorable.

Sound and word games are the same. Why sit with paper and pen to practise spellings when you could be running around or bouncing on a trampoline, collecting cards or letters, or jumping to each letter or sound?

With topics, get creative and build/make something. It stimulates discussion and exploration, without the need for pen and paper (or even Google! – although G might help later on!). Most of our online workshops are related to significant events throughout the year. For example, next week it is Chinese New Year (22 Jan) and we are making Chinese Dragons – the perfect way to engage in a creative, fun task, whilst finding out more about the day and beginning to stimulate their curiosity 🤔

You can join us here:

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So, enjoy this re-appraisal of how we help our kids at home and think about what you can do differently to make learning an enjoyable experience for yours.

Same time next week!

Debbie x

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