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This is a celebration post! A chance to share some amazing makes by the children I have had the pleasure to share this last week with 😁

So, two different workshops took place last week – my very first BIG CREATE, held at a local school and another then I headed to The Horsebridge Arts Centre in Whitstable for another fun session (if you follow me, you’ll know that I have done quite a few workshops here, with children AND adults).

Dolly peg witches at The Horsebridge, Whitstable

Halloween is a great excuse to create and make, so during the BIG CREATE, we made wizard hats, had a go at papier mache spiders, a magical woodland wand and pom pom monsters. Oh, and not forgetting the ghostly garland… 👻👻👻

We had great fun!

But with creative fun also comes creative learning.

Making wands together ✨✨

We learnt to collaborate (let’s face it, tying knots is so much easier when there is an extra finger to hold it in place!). Just asking for help is a good start, but offering it is even better. Knowing you can help because you have done it before, gives such a sense of pride 😌

From disaster to WOW!

We learnt that when things don’t go as they should – the papier mache wouldn’t dry enough because of the cold environment – and the spider collapsed and flaked into a paper pile when the balloon was popped, we thought about what else we could do that we knew would work (pom poms) and took ourselves off to make a pom pom to fit our spider legs 🕷️

We learnt to use our resources and the basic idea and innovate – make it our own so that it suits what ideas we have in our mind and not be afraid to have a go! Yes, that stuffing does make a great ghostly aura! 😲

Creativity = learning experiences.

If you’ve followed me long enough, you’ll know that! By using what we do creatively, we can build skills that will help us as we grow. Innovation, resilience and collaboration are well-sought skills that will enhance our child’s development.

So, thank you again to the children for sharing this week with me, having so much fun and growing in creativity! 🙏

Have a great Halloween! 👻🎃🕷️🦇

Debbie x

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