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Grow A Creative Child

So, the time has finally come to introduce you to our NEW Grow a Creative Child Academy!! I’m so excited that we have managed to pull together something so nurturing and helpful within just a few months with the help of the team! 🙏

It’s our new ‘one-stop’ space for all things creative, whether you are looking for crafty workshops, ideas for a quick make with your kids, or whether you want to learn about how to help your child be creative and keep this amazing skill and all its benefits throughout their life, so they can become confident, resilient and innovative adults, THIS IS THE PLACE TO BE!

The idea behind the Academy came from parents telling me they weren’t creative (which, you will find out, I beg to differ!) and didn’t really know how to help their kids – because let’s face it, young children have ‘built-in’ creativity and want to explore, make a mess and generally DO stuff! It was the thought of parents struggling to support these opportunities and understand how important they are in their child’s development that made me want to create a space so that I could help!

HERE you can find out the full story of the Academy. We have a special one-month INTRODUCTORY PRICE that will last from April 11 – May 11 2022. For this RIDICULOUSLY LOW price, you have an enormous amount of value. CHECK OUT THE DETAILS HERE>>>

If you are reading this after those dates, don’t despair! The Academy is still EXCEPTIONALLY GOOD VALUE and per month, is less than a couple of coffees from Starbucks each week. When you think about the impact it will have on your child, it’s really a no-brainer – COFFEE OR CREATIVE CHILD… 🤷

I hope you like what you see and want you to know that this is just the start! I already have plans to make this hub even better – it certainly isn’t going to be static!! Come join us and see 🤩

Debbie & the Cygnini team x

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