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Dreamer or Planner? What's the difference?

Happy 2023 to you all!

Have you made any resolutions yet? I haven’t. I decided a few years ago that I was never any good at keeping them! 😅

But what I do do at the beginning of the year is...


To be honest, it’s a bit of planning to. Mostly I look forward to the weeks and months ahead and write down all the things I want to try to achieve in the year. It seems a “business-y” thing to do, but it works, believe me! I write things like places I’d like to go, or things I’d like to do. Yes, I don’t always do them, but having them around makes sure I don’t forget about them and ensures I take time out to do the things I want.

Do you do this too?

As for this year? Well, there’s now a list of local places I’d like to go on my kitchen cabinet, we are in the throes of planning our summer adventure and we actually have a big home improvement booked in, so it’ll be fun making that dream come true and tick off something we've been thinking about for years!

Creatively, I am making sure I take some time from the business of being creative, to pursue some of my own personal projects. It’s always hard to differentiate between the two, but I know for definite that my painting has taken a back seat for over a year now…

If you want to start ensuring you plan for creative times, then why not download my FREE planner. Use it for the kids or for yourself, but write out what you’d like to try. It could even be a family event or bonding time with your children, but whatever it is, make it visible and tick it off! You will receive a bundle, including one that is filled in for inspiration and the option of weekly or monthly planning...

The planner comes with ideas to get you started, but if you want more support, our FREE interactive Creativity Calendar comes with, not all, but some video links so you can get creative with me guiding you. What have you got to lose?!

Download both here:

Any questions, just comment and I’ll get right back to you!

Debbie x

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