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Creativity = interesting = fun!

Have you ever thought that being creative in thought and action could make you a more interesting person?

I know when I lost my creativity for a couple of years due to stress that, looking back, I wasn’t at all interesting. I was stepping through life with little pazazz and sticking to the dull things I knew and gave me stability. It was a boring routine if I’m being honest, and I became dull too! My mum told me the sparkle had gone out of my eyes… 🥹

I guess at times like these, you often go back to the “routine”, but if you make yourself do things differently, then magic can happen! Finding my creative self again really boosted how I looked at the world. I got interested in things around me and, because of this, I became a more interesting person to be with! More fun!

Being creative opens up your thinking and allows you to look at things differently. It gives you the ability to problem-solve.

Like a baby learning to walk doesn’t use a manual, problem-solving and exploration are huge parts of our learning. Finding creative ways to do something doesn’t always mean you have to be good at art or crafts. Curiosity can be linked to creativity so just wondering how something could work, or how things work together are creative thoughts!

girl looking into a machine lit up with pink lights
photo credit: Jorges Flores on Unsplash

Have you got yourself wound up in the routine of life? Don’t worry, it happens and it’s not the end of the world. I went through it and so do others.

Take Amy for instance…

A mum to young children, one still a baby. Holding down a job, running a small side business and doing a college course! (phew!). You can see why having time to get creative seemed overwhelming, and yet Amy was a creative herself! With a degree in Fine Art, she knew that being creative was good for the soul and the brain – let’s face it, it had given her a way of thinking that meant she could juggle things effectively – just as well!

But, what Amy wanted was time. Time to get the most out of her creativity. Time for her young daughter (and eventually her son) to benefit from a creative up-bringing. Juggling was ok, but it wasn’t giving her the time to get creative, either for herself or her children. She had to make a change!

Amy signed up to my Creative Hot Mess Challenge this year and has started to follow the 30-day plan. She’s made changes already and is making time for creativity with her daughter 🥳 In fact, she told me recently, that Easter was made better because of the challenge! Wow!

Planning time in is so important to making the step towards it coming naturally. When I wanted to get myself out of the rut I found myself in, it took small steps to get started and then little by little the energy came back. My mindset changed.

The first step on the challenge asks:

“If you had the space and confidence to be the most creative parent for your kids, what would your life look like?”. What would you answer?

Let me know and I’ll see you next week, when I’ll dive deeper and give you some ideas to get the spark lit again!

Debbie x

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