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Creative parent? Me?!!

I seem to be blessed with thinking outside the box and as a parent could quickly come up with a solution to different scenarios that went awry. I am sure that if you are a parent reading this, then you possibly are the same – it’s just part of being a parent, isn’t it?

Well, no, not in my opinion.

Plenty of people think they are not creative. I’m guessing that you do as you are reading the Cygnini Crafts blog, but I have so many people tell me they have creative children, but don’t have a creative bone in their bodies themselves!

If you’ve been reading for a while, you know that we all have creativity in us, it’s just how it manifests itself. If you don’t enjoy arts and crafts, then it doesn’t mean you aren’t creative!

But what do you do if you have children who like making things and you struggle to help?

The best thing is to learn with your children. Funnily enough, kids love it when they think they are teaching you something (I use this tactic as a teacher too!). In fact, it helps them to process how to break down the steps you need to take. It builds creative thinking. It also means that when you or both/all of you take a wrong step, you can all work it out together!

Start by following a video (there are plenty on this website) or an instruction guide (I send these out with my newsletter each week – sign up here and get a free summer activity guide:

Once you all get into the swing of making together, you can tackle some projects of your own! Children are great at getting ideas, so don’t put them off, let them try! If it doesn’t work out the way they thought, it doesn’t matter.

Remember making mistakes is worth its weight in gold!

So, my message to you this week is get stuck in and learn! You may just find that the time you spend creating with your children, may just be what you need to build your confidence and before you know it you’ll be coming up with mad ideas too!

Have fun!


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