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A Drop of Crafty Kindness

I was walking in the woods this week and came across this tiny pine tree. I really wanted to decorate it and give someone a surprise when they walked by – it seems like the perfect time of year to be spreading smiles (and joy!).

Last week, I came across these dreamcatchers just randomly attached to a tree. It was such a lovely surprise. I then seemed to come across lots of people on social showing their random acts of kindness and ideas for spreading kindness this Christmas.

How about a kindness advent calendar instead of a chocolate one? OK, well, maybe both??!! 😉😂 But the idea is so lovely, especially if you can surprise someone with something. It doesn’t have to be a big thing or a complicated creation, how about these:

· A simple felt star decoration placed on a tree in the park

· A hand-drawn Christmas card left on a bench

· Some biscuits given to a neighbour

· Some paper chains decorating some railings

I think we all try to focus on our own homes, so adding some festive cheer elsewhere will bring smiles to people’s faces as they walk by. It reminds me of the knitted Christmas post box toppers that spring up in our town – I can’t help but smile and they really brighten up the town too! Do you have these where you live?

Christmas Post Box Topper in Herne Bay

My little challenge is to decorate that little tree! I’m thinking how I can make small but natural decorations that both the people and the animals will like, and will biodegrade (or blow away!) after Christmas – if they last that long! 😂

I’ll be posting my efforts on social, so if you don’t follow me yet, find me at

Hope you enjoy thinking of random kindness ideas. Please share your efforts too, I’d love to see!!

Debbie x

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