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young girl holding real eggs up to her eyes like glasses while looking at the camera.
photo credit: Hannah Tasker on Unsplash

This time next week it will be Easter weekend! 🥳 The children are breaking up from school here in the UK and it will be a time for a brain break and preparing for family visits, holidays away or just doing a few different things at home. Hopefully if you have children, you will have chance for a break too!

So this week’s blog is about some activities you can do over Easter.

Firstly, a reminder that you can download my Carrot Treat Bag template and instructions here>>>

These super cute felt bags are great for Easter hunts, or mini gifts for friends or family PLUS grownups like them too!! We made them in a workshop last week and they are a kid-friendly make, but if you have children under 7, maybe a helping hand will be needed? But hey! Why not have a carrot making party?! 🥕🥕🥕

Here are some other ideas for you to do this Easter:

1. How about making some Easter buns… ok, maybe not your normal bun, this time I mean BUN(NY)! Bake some cupcakes. Ice the top with a circle of Bunny-coloured icing of choice. Add a white ball for the tail and then make some feet with pads to place at the bottom edge. You are actually trying to make them look like bunny bottoms heading back down their rabbit hole!

2. I made hessian bunting with rabbits printed on each flag at last week’s workshop too! You can make your own using sacking – no stitching required! Cut triangles, print with a stencil or a potato and then thread twine through the flags (leave plenty of margin!) and hang 😃

3. I saw a great idea on Instagram recently, which I definitely need to try! Melt some different types of bars of chocolate together in a low oven, so they make one big bar. Use a skewer to marble them together and then sprinkle with different Easter themed candy. Leave to set and then break into big pieces to give away or use for a treasure hunt!

4. Make a sock bunny:

Take an old sock (no holes!). Fill the foot end with rice and seal with an elastic band (tightly). Squeeze the rice to make a head and body and use another band to separate them. Decorate your bunny with pens, felt or googly eyes and other stick on features. Cut the top of the sock to make the two ears. Cut down the centre front and back, so the ears flop either side. You can also cut them to make them ear shaped. That’s it!

5. Blow and decorate a real egg shell. For older children, use acrylic paints for a lovely vibrant colour and a small brush for tiny detail. Try sketching and planning your design first, then mark it in a soft pencil before painting. Look at Faberge eggs online for inspiration! Younger children can dip them in food dye (wear gloves!) or use felt pens for their designs. Try dipping in different colours and layering them up like a rainbow!

6. Older children (or adults!) may also like to try to make egg candles for a decoration. Take some empty shell halves (choose the bigger rather than smaller ones). Get some coloured spray and spray the shells outside or in a ventilated area. Once they are dry, you will need to melt some wax to fill them with.

You can buy wax pellets, which are easy to use, or even use odd ends of candles around the house and melt them together. You will however need some wicks, but tealight size will be fine! Melt the wax slowly and carefully in a lipped jug, set in boiling water in a saucepan. Be extremely careful when getting the jug out of the saucepan and pouring it. ADULT SUPERVISION HERE IS ADVISED!

Dip the metal end of the wick into the wax and attach it to the shell bottom. Repeat for all the eggs and then carefully fill the shells to about ¾ way up. Have an empty jar handy for any excess wax (add a wick and you have another candle!). Leave your eggs to set and then use them as part of a beautiful Easter decoration!

7. Pom Poms make great Easter chicks! Make a small and large pom pom (instructions here). Stitch or glue together and add a beak, eyes and wings. Remember to leave a long strand of wool to hang with, or just tie a piece of wool or cotton around the body and tie.

8. Easter cookies are great for a quick creative make. Make or buy some Easter shaped cookies, then use writing icing tubes to decorate!

9. Make your own 3D card using an egg shape. Make a template out of a cereal box, then cut another 6 eggs using different coloured paper. Make your own card by folding an A4 piece of card. Fold each egg in half exactly and then stack on top of each other, gluing as you go. You can then open the egg and glue the last two sides to the card to make a 3D egg card! Make it even more special by adding your own decoration or messages to each egg shape so they can be seen between the layers!

10. Finally, there is nothing better than a good Easter hunt, is there?! Send out some homemade invites to friends and then together with your child(ren) create clues for the hunt. Plan the route and draw pictures or write riddles to take your friends from one place to another! Maybe use the egg shape from above as your clue cards? Make then egg-xtra special with your own decoration!

I hope these help to get you started for the holidays. Don’t forget the FREE download! 😉🥕👆

I’ll be making some of these over the next week and adding videos and photos to our FB group. Join us to see them at

Have a very creative and HAPPY EASTER!! 🐰🐣🐰

Debbie x

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